Hyblean Territory

20160307_155215.jpgHyblaean mountains (“Monti Iblei”, Sicily) and the whole Vallee of Noto in general are characterized by Karst topography. Limestone-clay soil, rich in iron and minerals, hot-arid Mediterranean climate, the hottest in Italy, with strong temperature variations between night and day. Originally a plateau emerged from the Mediterraneum, in this corner of the island rivers have eroded the landscape, forming several deep canyons. Although predominantly limestone, in some areas (such as Mount Lauro, 987 mt a.s.l. once part of submerged volcanic complex) we find volcanic features and sandstone nearby the coastal area. Almond and Carob-tree are the distinctive marks of the territory along with the dry stonewall.

R VIGNA 23 BClimate conditions and natural organic cultivation, allow to obtain wines with typical and unique organoleptic features thanks to centuries-old wine making tradition. Nero d’Avola and Frappato, native red grapes, express their uniqueness and specificity only in this area between the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. As a blend of these two exceptional grapes comes to life the Cerasuolo di Vittoria, only one DOCG in Sicily and anchestor of the old “Mesopotamium wine”  traded since the time of Fenicië as discovered in archeologic findings.


Etnean Territory