Antica Azienda Agraria Curto

Mostly located in the territory of Ispica in a very fertile area between the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse, rich in historic cultural sites recently declared UNESCO Heritage, the estate is surrounded by olive and almond trees, with stone walls “modicani” to mark the landscape. South East of Sicily is a rich green countryside of peculiar cultivation, rich in lemons, oranges and citrus, olive trees, prickly pears (fico d’india), almond and carob trees. The vineyards of the property, are all part of the Eloro D.O.C. area, close to Avola, town of the authentic “Nero d’Avola”. The excellent quality of the grapes obtained thanks to the climate conditions turns into high class wines and guarantees a spectacular Nero d’Avola with unique features.

The Curtos have ancient French origins, dating back to 1030, when the ancestor Pietro was granted by the Emperor Corrado the “Salico” the County of Omazzo and some of the nearby lands. This corner of the island is the most luminous and hottest of Italy. Wine makers since 1670.


Curto. Nero d’Avola Eloro DOC

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