Romeo Vini

The company, founded on the experience of fortyyears-Romeo family, aims to consolidate a position of reference for keens of wines, spirit and food service operators of prestige with a special regard to consumers. The company is located in two locations: the first on Salaparuta hills, where about 35 acres of good land are planted with local vines. The final attention to this passion for the wine production of the company was the birth of the cellar, equipped with the most modern equipment for the optimal treatment of the product, Thanks to this rigor in the conduct, was recognized in 2005 by the Ministry of Agriculture the right to the appellation of controlled origin with the words “Salaparuta DOC” and with the approval of the product specification. The second site is geographically located in Santa Venerina, location on Etna slopes at about 350 m. a.s.l. where is the production of spirits with the words “The Valley of the Etna”, extracts (spirits) of the best fruits such as tangerines, oranges, prickly pears. Finally, the selection and processing of local grapes, like “Malvasia”, “Muscat of Alexandria” and Zibibbo “are bottled so-called fortified wines.

Last but not least, “Romeo Wines” wishes to spend a few words on a product that would be simplistic to define exceptional and that is making history. As certain works born from the passion for art become masterpieces, this bitter, called “AMARANCA” wild distilled orange peel, is having a consensus unexpected. Exclusive and unique, as some masterpieces fact, this turned out to be bitter pride of “Romeo Wines” protected by trademark and therefore not imitable.

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La Rusticana, Malvasia IGT