Etnean Territory

mount-etna-Etna, or merely, “a muntagna” in Sicilian slang, looks like a giant black cone, visible from a distance of 250 Kms. Mt Etna is also the Europe’s largest active volcano. Surronded at its base by oranges, nectarines, lemons, olives, agaves, prickly pears, banana trees, palms, eucalyptus, pine trees and vineyards. On its higher level, hazel trees, almond, pistachio and chestnut trees keep eyes on oak trees, beech, birch and pine trees. Facing at this richness in fauna and flora, Etna can be considered a continent where we walk through centuries of history, picking up a piece of lava, a branch of ginestra and above all, the strong desire to visit it once again. 

montejpgDue to its special position and morphology on Etna we can find different volcanic substrates and several microclimatic conditions that mean an area of land with different structures and terroirs, changing from one part of the volcano to another. Unique wines, all different one-another even if cultivated in the same macro-area. “Etna” is also the first Sicilian wine area to obtain the Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC). 


Hyblean Territory