Benanti. Etna Bianco DOC

100% Carricante in pureness. Indigenous white grape of the Etna volcano. The grapes are medium-sized with very pruinose skin and a green-yellowish color. Scattered and medium-lenght bunches.

etna-bianco-docArea: Eastern and Southern slopes of Mount Etna, high altitude and abundant luminosity

Altitude: 700 to 950 m a.s.l.

Climate: Humid and rainy in the cooler season, high ventilation, luminosity and significant temperature excursions

Soil: Sandy, volcanic, rich in minerals

Age and training: 20 to 60 years. Trained with free standing bush (“alberello”) and spurred cordon

Vinification: Hand-picked harvesting in mid October, softly pressed. Fermentation at 18°C in stainless steel vats, using patented indigenous yeasts. Vinification in stainless steel vats. Refining in bottle for 2-3 months

Tasting notes: Pale yellow with bright greenish tints, intense, delicate, mildly fruity (ripe apple). Dry, mineral with a pleasant acidity and marked aromatic persistence

Food pairings: Fish and seafood, also ideal by the glass only

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